JAMB – We’re Not Responsible if 2019 UTME Top Scorer Misses Choice Varsity

JAMB -UTME Top Scorer Misses Choice Varsity. The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board has said that it should not be blamed that the University of Lagos’ age stipulation may disallow 2019 UTME top scorer, Ezeunala Franklin, from getting admitted. The 15-year-old boy who scored 347 in the 2019 exercise had picked UNILAG as his first choice, which has 16 years as its minimum age for admission.


The board said on Sunday that university regulations on admission were sacrosanct and could not be flouted by the board or by candidates. It noted in its weekly bulletin that while it was commendable that Franklin emerged the best, his “emergence should not be an excuse to flout the rules.”


The board said, “Universities all over the world define their rules on admissions and other requirements that would enable them give their best to the public. The board should not be blamed for the age stipulation as it stated explicitly in its integrated Brochure and Syllabus System.


“The responsibility of reading the instructions should not be that of the board but of the candidates and the public.


“The board notes with dismay the pressure for it to shift the goalpost in the middle of the game by some sections of the public. It is quite commendable that Franklin emerged the best but his emergence should not be an excuse to flout the rules as other institutions whose rules differ could give him a place.”

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