2021 jamb mock BIOLOGY questions

2021 jamb mock BIOLOGY questions

The 2021 Mock exam seems to have gone well going by the updates we received so far on the JAMB 2021 Mock Exam Live Updates thread. Following demands from candidates who did not participate in the JAMB mock exam, we are creating this thread to capture some of the questions that were asked in the mock exam

2021 jamb mock BIOLOGY questions

The purpose is to give candidates fresh ideas on the kind of questions to expect during the main exam and motivate them towards stepping up their preparation for the main exam that begins June 19th, 2021.

We urge candidates who participated in the mock exam to share the questions they came across on each of the subjects in the comment section.

Please ensure you share only the questions you came across during the mock examination. Also, specify the Subject the question falls under before posting your comment. 2021 jamb mock BIOLOGY questions

If possible, you can go ahead to provide the options that were given for each of the questions so other candidates can try to proffer solutions as well. Below are some of the 2021 jamb mock questions asked in chemistry

2021 jamb mock BIOLOGY questions

1. Which of the following is known as the emergency hormone

2. Which of the following reduces competition among members of a specie?

3. What develops into the seed of a flowering plant?

4. Which of these is an evidence of modern theory of evolution?

5. The theory that girraffes will develop long neck was postulated by ?

6. Which of the following is an example of Morphological variation

7. Which of these Insects have boring mouth part?

8. Desert can be found in which of these Nigerian states?

9. Which of these animals use stinging as defense?

10. Which blood group is known as the universal recipient?

11. The spinal cord is protected by…………………?

12. ……………. converts nitrites to nitrates

13. Animals found on the tree top are called?

14. …………… is when a harmless organism appears to be a harmful organism?

15. The outermost part of the tooth is?

16. Plants possessing pneumatophores grown in…………..?

17. An apple is a …………. type of fruit?

18. At what stage of mitotic division does the chromosome lie along the equator?

19. Poor growth, reddish colouration, are visible in plants lacking?

20. In the stem of plants, what is responsible for gaseous exchange?

21. Which of the following carry deoxygenated blood?.

Ans: Pulmonary artey

22. Diagram of the Flame Cell in the Planaria.

23. Diagram of animal cell. – Identify Mitochondria and Rough Endoplasmic Recticulum

24. If a man with blood group O marries a woman with blood group AB, what are the possible blood groups of their children?

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