2022 Students Guide to Cryptocurrency |How Students make $5000 monthly

2022 Students Guide to Cryptocurrency |How Students make $5000 monthly

2022 Students Guide to Cryptocurrency |How Students make $5000 monthly

This is a very simple students guide to Cryptocurrency. In this guide, we shall be teaching you how you can make $5,000 monthly as a student from crypto.

If you’re living on this planet, then you shouldn’t be told that the crypto currency world is already producing billionaires from around the World.

The interesting part of crypto is how easy it is to generate massive income, even overnight without investing a dime.

Did someone tell you that you need money to start buying and selling crypto? If so, then I tell you no!!! You can start crypto and earn huge profit without investing a dime.

2022 Students Guide to Cryptocurrency |How Students make $5000 monthly


How to Make from Crypto without investing?

The best and simplest way to make money from crypto as a student without investing a dime is participating in crypto airdrop.

Crypto airdrops are free to join and you end up being gifted with some crypto tokens/coins which you exchange for real money.

What is Airdrop?

If this is not exactly what you were looking for, or if you are bored reading this, try searching for another interesting information below 👇

Airdrops are free crypto coin and tokens gifted for performing menial tasks like joining telegram groups, following on social media and participating in similar tasks.

Are Airdrops real Coins?

Yes!!! They are real coins or mostly called tokens which is gifted for free for the purpose of either promoting the coin, or circulating it to reach many holders.

What can you do with Airdrop?

Airdrop are real token and crypto coins gifted to participants which can be exchange for real money through crypto wallets.

How to Participate in Airdrop?

Each airdrop has it own procedure for participation and it is usually stated to a participant before he or she starts the process.

To Participate in any airdrop, visit the airdrop participation page, read the rules, follow the steps listed, submit your wallet address and wait for the day for the distribution.

Note: you can participate in more than one airdrop. In fact, you can participate in many airdrops as possible without being restricted.

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Where to get Airdrops for Students?

Below are some trusted websites that you can get easy access to new and ongoing airdrops that you can partake and earn free token/coin and exchange them for money.

  1. Coinmarketcap.com

Coinmarketcap.com is the best, trusted and number one crypto listing website that is very trusted by million of people. Coinmarketcap airdrops are arranged into:

  • Ongoing
  • Upcoming
  • Ended
  • Participated

How to participate in coinmarketcap airdrops?

  • Visit https://coinmarketcap.com/airdrop/
  • Go through the list of the ongoing and scheduled airdrops
  • Click on any of the airdrops that you like
  • Check the participation requirements and procedure
  • Follow the procedure to participate
  • Submit your crypto wallet address. See how to create your wallet below
  • Wait for the sharing period to get your share
  1. Airdropalert.com

Airdropalert.com is another recommended crypto listing website that has been since 2017. Airdrops on Airdropalert.com are arranged based on:

  • Active
  • Past
  • Upcoming

How to participate in Airdropalert airdrops?

  1. Airdropking.io

Airdropking.io is also a trusted crypto airdrops listing website that is trusted.

How to participate in airdropking airdrops?

  • Visit https://airdropking.io/en/
  • Check the ongoing and scheduled airdrops
  • Click on any of the airdrops that you want to participate in
  • Check requirements and procedures for the airdrop you choose
  • Follow the procedure to participate
  1. Airdrops.io

airdrops. oi is a trusted airdrop website that will keep you up-to-date with new and upcoming airdrops

How to participate in airdrops.io airdrops?

  • Visit https://airdrops.io/
  • Check the list of the ongoing airdrops
  • Join any of the airdrops that you like
  • Follow the procedure to participate
  • Wait for the sharing period to get your share
  1. Airdropsmob.com

Airdropsmob.com is a good and trusted airdrop listing website that is trusted for legit airdrops.

How to participate in Airdropsmob.com airdrops?

  • Visit https://www.airdropsmob.com/
  • Go through the list of the airdrops
  • Select any of the airdrops and participate
  • Follow the instructions to complete the process and participate
  • Submit your crypto wallet address.
  • Wait for the sharing period to get your share

How to Create Your Wallet?

  • Go to Google Playstore
  • Search for Trustwallet
  • Install the app
  • Sign in (remember to copy and save the 12 words that you will see)
  • Select the blockchain or coin that you want.
  • Click on it and click on “Receive” to copy your wallet address

How to Exchange Your Airdrop for Real Cash

After receiving the airdrops into your wallet, you can follow these steps to swap them for real cash;

  1. From your wallet, navigate to DApp
  2. Scroll to where you see Defi
  3. Now, click on PancakeSwap
  4. On the PancakeSwap page, select the name of the token you want to swap
  5. Select the coin you want to swap it to (we recommend you swap it to USDT)
  6. Complete the swap and return it to your wallet
  7. Finally, use your wallet to sell your USDT and receive real cash into your bank account.

Final Word

The crypto world can make you a millionaire overnight from airdrops without investing a dime if you luckily stumble upon a good token.

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