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Do you have a Product or offer services? And you want to increase your Sales by letting more people be aware…


Expocoded is the perfect advertising platform for your business, with our daily loads of traffic and active social media handles (Telegram, Facebook and Online Subscribers), you rest assured that your business or product publicity is not a problem.

And Guess What, Our Advert rate is considerable and somewhat negotiable

Why Should I Advertise on Expocoded?
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We have a track record of topping google’s first pages (with an average all-time position of 3.6, and this position is constantly improving daily)
We report a daily visit of 5.5k, and Page views of 7.5K. These figures are projected to increase as we continue to churn out relevant content and tips daily to our audience

Alright then, I am interested, How can I go about it and what are my advertising options🤷‍♀️.

How To Advertise on Expocoded
1. Determine The Type Of Advert You Want To Run
We currently offer three (3) advertising options…

Banner Display ads
Text Link Ads and
Sponsored Post (With our high ranking potential on Google and other search engines and being that Sponsored contents remain on Expocoded permanently, this tends to cost more)
Once you have determined the type of advert you want to run, you should…

2. Send A DM On WhatsApp



You will be taken to our WhatsApp page, where we can continue talks.

What Is Expocoded Advertising Rate?
The rate for advertising is depending on the advert type and durations…

DISCLAIMER: Pending on what you are advertising, we may adjust this rate to allow young businesses to grow. Cool right?

SPONSORED POST(Content Written by you or your team) N40,000
SPONSORED POST (SEO optimized and well-researched content written by me) N60,000
LINK ADS (Ad position is at the header position of the website, so it is literally the first thing every visitor would see) Weekly: N4,000

Monthly: N15,000
BANNER ADS (You get to choose the position) Weekly: 6,000

Monthly: N20,000
CUSTOM AD FORMAT (You get to choose a combination of ad format and location) Rate will be discussed HERE
Feel free to Message me on WhatsApp for more information and clarification on this.

WhatsApp contact link:07047387738

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I remain my humble self, Mr Cyber, my major interest is to ensure my candidates gets best results & grades in any exam they want....our jamb is always 285-350 every year

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