Can you Apply for NSFAS without Matric

Can you Apply for NSFAS without Matric

Can you Apply for NSFAS without Matric 2023?

Are you searching for can I apply for NSFAS without matric? Is it possible to apply NSFAS without matric?

This page will show you how to apply for NSFAS without matric 2023.

If you are interested in knowing the possibility of NSFAS funding without matric or Grade 12, this post is for you.

Can you Apply for NSFAS without Matric

The application for National Student Financial Aid Scheme 2023 which commenced on 2nd November 2022 and was supposed to end on 7th January 2022 has been extended. The new deadline for the application is 27th January 2023.

Some students who want to get admission to TVET College or university are worried if they are eligible to apply for NSFAS funding without matric.

Below, you will get to know if it is possible to apply for NSFAS funding without matric 2023 or grade 12.

Can You Apply For NSFAS Without Matric in 2023?

No, you cannot apply for NSFAS funding without matric or grade 12. To be eligible to get admission into a university or TVET College, students must apply with a Grade 12 results or higher certificate. Because NSFAS only funds students admitted to study in a university or a TVET College. At least for a bachelor’s degree. 

This means NSFAS does not fund students without matric results that can get you to study at TVET College or a university.

So, applicants must pass Grade 12 to be eligible for NSFAS funding.

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Documents needed to Qualify For NSFAS funding

Below are the qualifications you need for NSFAS funding.

For TVET Applicants

  1.  Applicants must have passed Grade 9, 10, 11, or 12.
  2.  Must be a South African Citizen
  3. Student must have will need to Report 191 programme at any of the 50 public TVET Colleges in South Africa or PLP, NC(V).
  4. Applicant’s household income must be less than R350,000 per annum.

It will be best to read NSFAS Qualification Documents For Funding for more explanation.

How To Get NSFAS Funding Without Matric in 2023?

It will be best if to upgrade your Grade 12 results if you don’t have matric results to get NSFAS funding. This is the best alternative for you to apply for the 2023 National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) for TVET college education or university.

Will I get paid from NSFAS for my Matric Upgrade?

No, NSFAS will not pay for your results upgrade. If you don’t meet the necessary requirements for NSFAS funding, your cost of upgrading results will be on from your pocket. 

NOTE: NSFAS will not pay for your matric results upgrade or fund matric.

Why is Matric Necessary for NSFAS Funding?

The official document shows that you have passed your 12 years of basic education and can further your education at a higher institution, university, or TVET College.

You can go to a university or TVET college with your Grade 12 results if you don’t have other qualified certificates. Also, know that NSFAS only funds TVET or public university students.

How does NSFAS Works?

The NSFAS has some regulations that call students who want NSFAS funding to meet all NSFAS Requirements.

Only admitted applicants to study at an NSFAS university or NSFAS TVET College can only be funded if they are admitted.

The NSFAS University or TVET College are all public institutions that have bursary agreements with NSFAS.

All the best as you know if you can apply for NSFAS without matric.

That’s all for the topic that says, can you apply for NSFAS without matric.

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