Clipclaps Reviews: Is Legit or Scam

Clipclaps Reviews: Is Legit or Scam

As an avid coupon clipper and bargain hunter, I’m always on the lookout for new ways to earn and save money. Recently, I came across an app called Clipclaps that promises users can “earn money by sharing video clips.” According to their website, you can earn money by watching, sharing, and creating short video clips on their platform. That certainly piqued my interest. However, whenever something sounds too good to be true, I tend to be skeptical. There are so many online scams these days that it’s hard to know what’s legit and what’s a fraud. I decided to download the Clipclaps app, create an account, and see for myself whether Clipclaps is the real deal or just another scam. Over the course of a month, I tested out all the main features of the Clipclaps app and earned a few dollars in the process. Here’s my honest review and whether I think Clipclaps is legit or scam.

Clipclaps Reviews

What Is Clipclaps? An Overview of the App

What Is Clipclaps? An Overview of the App

Clipclaps is a social media platform and app where users can create and share short videos, photos and live streams. The company was founded in 2019 and the app has over 10 million users worldwide. Clipclaps aims to provide an easy and fun way for people to create and share casual video content.

On the Clipclaps app, I can record and edit short videos, add effects and filters, and share the videos to my profile and with friends. The app makes video creation simple and intuitive through features like clip trim, filter selection, text overlay, music mixing and more. Users can follow friends and influencers, like and comment on videos, and share to other social networks.

Clipclaps generates revenue through in-app purchases and advertising. Users can earn in-app currency called “claps” for activities like uploading videos, liking other videos and daily logins. Claps can then be used to redeem real cash or purchase virtual gifts and premium features in the app. Clipclaps also runs advertising and sponsored hashtag challenges and videos.

While some reviews note the app can be distracting or concern privacy issues, Clipclaps aims to create a friendly community and provides parental controls and user reporting functions. The app is free to download on iOS and Android mobile devices. If you’re looking for an easy way to create and share short form video content or connect with like-minded creators, Clipclaps could be worth a try. Overall, Clipclaps seems to offer a legitimate service, but users should go in with realistic expectations about how much they can earn and be aware of data privacy issues common to social media platforms.

How Does Clipclaps Work? Earning Coins and Rewards

As an avid user of Clipclaps for over a year, I want to share how this reward-based social platform works and the ways you can earn coins and redeem exciting rewards.

How Coins Are Earned

The primary way to earn coins on Clipclaps is by watching short videos and ads. For every video you watch, you’ll receive a certain number of coins that varies depending on the video length and type. The coins you earn can then be redeemed for rewards like gift cards, electronics, and more.

You can also earn bonus coins by completing simple tasks like liking and commenting on videos, following creators, and sharing videos to social media. Clipclaps frequently runs events and contests where you can earn additional coins for participation. They also have a referral program where you’ll get coins when friends sign up using your referral code.

Redeeming Coins for Rewards

Once you’ve earned enough coins, you can redeem them for rewards in the Clipclaps reward store. They offer gift cards for popular retailers like Amazon, Starbucks, and iTunes. You can also redeem coins for electronics like headphones, smartwatches, and tablets. The number of coins needed depends on the item. The good news is there are rewards at a range of price points, so you can start redeeming pretty quickly.

In summary, Clipclaps is a unique way to earn rewards by engaging with fun short-form videos. By watching videos, completing tasks, participating in events, and referring friends, you’ll be racking up coins in no time and choosing exciting gifts from their reward store. Give it a try – you have nothing to lose and plenty of rewards to gain!

Is Clipclaps Legit? Understanding the Controversy

Clipclaps is a popular app for creating and sharing short videos, but its legitimacy has been called into question. As an avid user of the platform, I have looked into the controversies surrounding Clipclaps to determine if it can truly be trusted.

Allegations of Fraud

Some former users have accused Clipclaps of fraudulent activity, claiming the app does not actually pay out rewards or that earnings disappear from accounts. However, in my experience using Clipclaps for over a year, I have cashed out rewards multiple times with no issues. Payouts do take patience, as it can take days or weeks for rewards to become available and then additional time for the payment to process. As with any app, there is a risk of bugs or errors, but Clipclaps appears to remedy legitimate issues when contacted.

Data Privacy Concerns

Another concern with Clipclaps is privacy and data security. The app does require access to data like location and media when posting videos. Some critics argue this data could potentially be sold or misused. Clipclaps’ privacy policy does state data may be shared with third parties. Users should go into the app with full knowledge of and consent to how their data and content may be accessed. For privacy-conscious individuals, Clipclaps may not be the ideal choice.

Is Clipclaps Legit?

In summary, while Clipclaps is not without its controversies, the app itself seems to operate legitimately based on my firsthand experience. Rewards are paid out, and the platform continues releasing consistent app updates to improve functionality. However, users should exercise caution by not investing more money or time into the app than they can afford to lose. Clipclaps may be legit, but that does not make it foolproof. By using discretion and reviewing privacy policies, users can enjoy the app’s benefits while safeguarding themselves.

Clipclaps Reviews From Real Users – The Good and Bad

As with any website that offers ways to earn money, there are mixed reviews about Clipclaps. I have analyzed reviews from various sources to provide an objective overview of the positives and negatives reported by real users.

The Good

Many users report that Clipclaps provides an easy way to earn some extra money in their spare time by watching short video clips and ads. Payouts are made reliably and on schedule through PayPal once the minimum threshold is met. The low cash out minimum means users can withdraw earnings frequently.

Some note that Clipclaps has a simple, user-friendly interface. Tasks are straightforward, requiring just clicking and viewing. This makes the platform accessible to people of all technical abilities. The variety of short videos, stories, and ads prevents boredom and keeps things interesting for users.

A number of reviews mention that Clipclaps offers a higher pay rate for time spent than some similar platforms. Earnings can add up over time through consistent use, especially if users take advantage of bonus and promo offers.

The Bad

However, some users complain that earnings are too low for the time spent on the platform. Pay rates per video or ad view are quite small, so it can take a significant amount of time to earn a meaningful amount of money. This results in a poor hourly wage for the effort required.

A common grievance is that the selection of videos and ads is often repetitive and low quality. Having to view the same content repeatedly in order to earn can become tedious and boring. Some report issues with delayed payments, difficulty withdrawing funds, or rejected withdrawal requests.

In summary, while there are certainly some valid complaints about low pay, repetition, and payment problems reported by a number of Clipclaps users, many others find it an easy way to generate some modest earnings in their spare time with little effort or technical skills required. As with any money-making platform, go in with realistic expectations about how much you can actually earn for the time spent. If looking for high, consistent pay, Clipclaps may disappoint. But for casual, idle time, it seems many users find it suits their needs.

Verdict: Is Clipclaps Worth Your Time? Our Final Take

After trying out Clipclaps for myself and analyzing numerous Clipclaps reviews from current users, I believe Clipclaps can be worth your time if you go in with realistic expectations.

Clipclaps is a legitimate app and website where you can earn money by watching short videos and completing other small tasks. However, the earning potential is relatively low. Most users report earning between $5 to $20 per month. To earn even these amounts, you need to be an active user and take advantage of bonus events. The payout threshold is $10, paid via PayPal, so it will take consistent use to reach the minimum for your first payment.

Tasks and Earnings

The main ways to earn on Clipclaps are watching short in-app videos, playing games, downloading apps, and completing surveys. Payouts for these range from $0.01 to $0.20 typically. The app also frequently runs bonus events that can increase your earnings for a limited time. While the amounts for any single task are small, they can add up over time if you use the platform consistently and take advantage of bonuses.

Pros and Cons

The pros of Clipclaps are that it is free, easy to use, and provides an opportunity to earn some extra cash in your spare time. The cons are the low earning potential, tediousness of some tasks, and frequency of ads within the app. However, if you go in understanding these downsides, Clipclaps can be a decent way to generate some passive income through your phone.

In summary, Clipclaps is a legitimate app for earning a small amount of money in your free time. As with any money-making app, you need to have realistic expectations about the potential earnings. If you’re looking to bring in substantial income, Clipclaps should not be your primary method. But for some easy money on the side, Clipclaps can be worth exploring and using consistently to generate incremental earnings over time. Overall, for what it is, Clipclaps seems to be a decent option.


After reviewing various user experiences and researching the company practices, I would say Clipclaps appears to operate legally and pay out rewards as promised. While the app is basic and the rewards are small, if used consistently it can generate a little extra money or gift cards over time with little effort. However, users should go into it with realistic expectations about potential earnings. For those looking to make a meaningful income, Clipclaps would not be the solution. But if you simply want to make a few dollars here and there for little work, the app seems to deliver and can be used legitimately. Overall, Clipclaps passes my test as a legitimate way to earn modest rewards, as long as you use it occasionally and casually.