Ebooksbasic.com Reviews: Is This Website Legit or Just Another Scam?

Ebooksbasic.com Reviews: Is This Website Legit or Just Another Scam?

As an avid reader, I am always on the lookout for ways to expand my library at an affordable cost. In today’s digital age, ebooks have become an increasingly popular option. However, with the rise of ebooks has also come a proliferation of websites offering free and discounted ebooks, not all of which are legitimate. Recently, I came across a website called Ebooksbasic.com advertising a wide selection of ebooks across genres for free download. On the surface, it seemed like an ideal solution to feed my reading addiction on a budget. Yet something felt off. Were these ebooks really free and legal to download? Or was Ebooksbasic.com just another scam preying on readers seeking a good deal? I decided to investigate further to determine if Ebooksbasic.com is legit or just another fraud waiting to happen.

Ebooksbasic.com Reviews

What Is Ebooksbasic.com?

Ebooksbasic.com is a website that offers free ebooks for download in PDF format. I have reviewed Ebooksbasic.com to determine whether it is a legitimate site or just another scam.

A Large Collection of Free Ebooks

Ebooksbasic.com provides access to over 50,000 free ebooks in PDF format spanning a range of genres, topics, and reading levels. The site is neatly organized by category, making the ebooks easy to browse and search. The ebooks are provided by independent publishers and authors who want to promote their works.

Simple Registration Required

To download ebooks from Ebooksbasic.com, you must register for a free account. The registration process is straightforward, requiring only a username, password, and email address. Your email address is necessary to verify your account and send you updates on new ebook additions. Ebooksbasic.com does not sell or share personally identifiable information with third parties, according to their privacy policy.

Legitimate but Limited

Based on my review, Ebooksbasic.com appears to be a legitimate site for accessing free ebooks. However, the selection of titles is somewhat limited, the ebooks vary in quality, and some may contain poor formatting or grammatical errors since they are self-published works. The site is also ad-supported, with banner ads appearing on most pages. Overall, Ebooksbasic.com can be a useful resource for casual readers looking to expand their ebook library at no cost. For those seeking specific or higher-quality titles, other ebook retailers may be preferable.

Ebooksbasic.com Review: Website Features and Offerings

As an avid reader, I am always on the lookout for websites where I can find affordable ebooks to enjoy. In my search, I came across Ebooksbasic.com and decided to review their website to determine whether they are a legitimate source for ebooks or if they should be avoided.

Website Offerings

Ebooksbasic.com offers over 4 million ebooks and audiobooks spanning a wide range of fiction and non-fiction genres, including mysteries, romance, science fiction, self-help, and textbooks. They claim to offer ebooks at up to 95% off the list price. The website is simple to navigate and allows you to browse ebooks by category or search for a specific title or author.

Once you find an ebook that interests you, you proceed to checkout where you pay via credit card or PayPal. According to their website, ebooks are available for download immediately after purchase in PDF, EPUB, and MOBI formats which can be read on most e-readers, tablets, and smartphones. The ebooks are also DRM-free, meaning you are able to read them on any supported device.

Reasonable Prices but Some Drawbacks

After reviewing the website and comparing their prices to other major ebook retailers, Ebooksbasic.com does appear to offer very good deals on ebooks with most titles priced under $5. However, I did notice some drawbacks that consumers should be aware of. The website has limited information about the company behind it and customer service options appear to be limited to an email contact form. They also do not appear to offer refunds if you are unsatisfied with your purchase. Additionally, some of the ebook categories contain a high percentage of public domain works that are available for free elsewhere.

In summary, Ebooksbasic.com seems to be a legitimate website to purchase inexpensive ebooks, but customers should go in with realistic expectations about their limitations and lack of refund policy. For the budget-conscious reader, it may be worth taking a chance on an affordable ebook, but you may want to look elsewhere if you have concerns or need more robust customer service.

Are the eBooks Really Free as Advertised?

When I first came across Ebooksbasic.com, I was skeptical about the claim that they offer free ebooks. Most websites that promote “free” ebooks are scams aimed at collecting personal information or credit card numbers. However, after thoroughly reviewing Ebooksbasic.com, I’ve found their free ebook offers appear to be legitimate.

No Hidden Fees

Ebooksbasic.com does not require any personal information or payment to download ebooks from their website. All ebooks on the site are available for immediate download at no cost. They do not require you to sign up, provide an email address or credit card number. This indicates their free ebook offers are genuine.

Large Collection

Ebooksbasic.com has a substantial catalog of over 10,000 free ebooks in a wide range of genres like fiction, nonfiction, academic texts and children’s books. The large volume and variety of ebooks available for download at no cost suggests they are not merely using a few free ebooks as bait to trick people into providing payment or personal details.

Popular Titles

I was surprised to find many popular, well-known ebook titles available for free download on Ebooksbasic.com like The Great Gatsby, Moby Dick and Anne of Green Gables. The inclusion of popular, commercially successful ebooks indicates Ebooksbasic.com has legally obtained the rights to distribute these ebooks for free, as illegally distributing copyrighted ebooks would be unsustainable and lead to legal issues.

While Ebooksbasic.com appears to be a legitimate website offering free ebooks, I would still exercise caution. As with downloading anything from the internet, there is a small risk of viruses. However, if you take normal precautions like scanning downloads before opening them, Ebooksbasic.com seems to be a safe and legal source for free ebooks. Overall, the evidence suggests the free ebook offers advertised on Ebooksbasic.com are genuine.

User Reviews and Complaints: Is Ebooksbasic Legit or a Scam?

As an avid reader and consumer, I am always on the lookout for ways to expand my library at an affordable cost. When I came across Ebooksbasic.com, I was intrigued by their claim to offer over 10 million ebooks and audiobooks for free or at heavily discounted prices. However, having been burned in the past by “too good to be true” offers, I had to investigate further to determine if Ebooksbasic is legit or just another scam.

User Reviews

Searching online, I found very mixed reviews of the site. Some users reported being able to download numerous ebooks and audiobooks at rock-bottom prices with no issues. However, a concerning number of reviewers claimed that after providing payment information, they never received the digital goods they purchased or had difficulties accessing download links. Several also noted poor customer service and difficulties obtaining refunds in these situations.

Complaints and Red Flags

With some further digging, several red flags emerged that make me question the legitimacy and trustworthiness of Ebooksbasic:

  • The site has only been operating since 2020, a very short time in business. Established companies typically have a longer, proven track record.
  • There is no clear information about who owns or operates the site. Transparent businesses provide details about their organization and leadership.
  • The selection of over 10 million titles seems too good to be true. Most reputable ebook retailers offer far fewer options.
  • There are reports of people receiving unsolicited marketing emails from Ebooksbasic, indicating the company may sell or share users’ personal information.
  • Multiple reviewers report difficulties contacting customer service or obtaining refunds. Reliable companies make it easy to get help and stand behind their products.

In summary, while the promise of Ebooksbasic seems appealing, there are too many dubious factors surrounding the company for me to feel fully confident in their legitimacy or the security of providing them with payment or personal information. For these reasons, I would consider Ebooksbasic a risky site that may well end up being an expensive scam. My recommendation would be to purchase ebooks and audiobooks from more reputable and established retailers.

The Verdict: Should You Use Ebooksbasic for Free eBooks?

After reviewing Ebooksbasic.com, I cannot recommend using this website to download free ebooks. Here are the main reasons for my verdict:

Questionable Legality

Ebooksbasic appears to provide access to copyrighted books without the permission of publishers or authors. Downloading such content would be considered piracy, which is illegal. While the site claims the ebooks are legal because they have been “abandoned” by publishers, there is no evidence to support this claim.

Lack of Transparency

There is no “About Us” page or any information regarding who owns or operates Ebooksbasic. The website is registered anonymously. This lack of transparency is concerning and makes the legitimacy of the site doubtful.

Poor User Experience

The website has an outdated design and is difficult to navigate. Searching for books by title, author or genre yields irrelevant results. The ebooks available are also of questionable quality, often with missing content, errors or watermarks. This poor user experience signals the site likely cares little for providing a quality service to visitors.

Possible Malware Risk

Downloaded ebook files could contain viruses, malware or other harmful software. There is no way to verify the safety of these files, and thus using Ebooksbasic poses a risk to your computer and personal data.

Better Alternatives Exist

There are many reputable websites where you can legally download free ebooks, such as Project Gutenberg, Open Library, and Standard Ebooks. These alternatives offer a safe and legal way to access public domain books and other free content.

In summary, while the promise of freely available ebooks may seem appealing, Ebooksbasic is not a website I would recommend using. The legal and security risks outweigh any benefits. Your time would be better spent using alternative ebook sources that are transparent, safe and operate legally.


In summary, while ebooksbasic.com appears to offer an appealing service at an affordable price, I would exercise caution based on the questionable practices and lack of transparency. There are too many unknowns about the company and concerns raised from customer reviews to wholeheartedly recommend the website. For those looking to build an ebook library without breaking the bank, you may want to explore other options with a proven track record of providing high-quality digital books from reputable publishers. As with anything that seems too good to be true, it often is. My recommendation would be to pass on ebooksbasic.com until they can demonstrate a higher level of legitimacy and better service to match their lofty promises.