How do I Reapply for NSFAS 2023? Step-by-Step

How do I Reapply for NSFAS 2023? Step-by-Step

Are you searching for how do I reapply for NSFAS 2023? Is it possible to reapply for NSFAS if the earlier application was rejected? This page will show you how to Reapply for NSFAS 2023.

If you are interested in knowing the procedures to reapply for NSFAS for 2023 after the application is unsuccessful, this post is for you.

Some applicants are asking, “how do I reapply for NSFAS?” This question is among FAQs about NSFAS online applications.

How do I Reapply for NSFAS 2023

Is reapplication accepted for NSFAS?

YES, NSFAS accepts returning and new NSFAS funding applicants to reapply. This means that students can reapply for NSFAS even after the application is rejected or not successful.

Kindly note that the 2023 NSFAS Online Application is still ongoing until 27th January 2023. Start your application on time before the closing date.

Let’s get started with how do i reapply for NSFAS 2023.

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How Do I Reapply For NSFAS 2023

Below is the step-by-step guide to successfully reapply for NSFAS.

  1. Visit

  2. Click on the “MyNSFAS” tab

  3. Click “Register”

  4. Allow NSFAS to verify your details by ticking the box

  5. Capture your ID Number

  6. Enter your First, middle, and surname as written on your ID

  7. Your Valid email address

  8. Phone number

  9. Upload a copy of your ID document

  10. Click on the “Register” tab

  11. Enter One Time Pin (OTP) from NSFAS 

  12. Then Submit

That’s all to get reapplied for NSFAS.

Do I Need To Reapply For NSFAS?

Yes, it is necessary to reapply for NSFAS if your application was not accepted. There is room for second consideration for NSFAS funding both returning and new applicants.

Note: Returning students will only appeal for funding if their funding was canceled due to low academic performance, which is 50% of their modules.

Check out How To Write NSFAS 2023 Appeal Motivational Letter. There is also a provision for NSFAS appeal letter samples in the post. 

It is compulsory to reapply for NSFAS to benefit from the funding scheme.

Who can Reapply for NSFAS?

Applicants whose previous NSFAS application was revoked or unsuccessful are the ones eligible to apply for NSFAS.

Can I Use The Same Documents I used before to Reapply For NSFAS?

Yes, you can use the documents if they are still valid to reapply for NSFAS. If you were below 18 years when applying for NSFAS before, you could use your documents.

Do I Need Certified Documents to Reapply For NSFAS 2023?

No, applicants don’t need to certify their supporting documents for application, according to NSFAS, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The same applies to students reapplying for NSFAS 2023. You don’t have to provide certified documents. What you need is supporting documents that must be accurate and valid.

Goodluck, as you have know how to reapply for NSFAS funding 202

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