How to Upgrade 2024 JAMB Results and Gain Admission This Year

How to Upgrade 2024 JAMB Results and Gain Admission This Year


As a Nigerian student preparing to apply for university admission this year, I understand how competitive and challenging the process can be. Excelling in the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board exam is critical, but for many students, the results do not always reflect their true abilities and potential. Upgrading your JAMB results, also known as “result correction” or “result verification” allows you to legally improve your scores and enhance your chances of gaining admission to your top choice schools.

How to Upgrade 2024 JAMB Results

In this article, I will provide a step-by-step guide to upgrading your 2024 JAMB results through JAMB’s official channels. I will outline the requirements, forms, and fees involved as well as offer tips to maximize your likelihood of a successful appeal. While the process does require time, effort, and resources, the potential rewards of a higher score and new opportunities for your future make the investment worthwhile. With the right approach and perseverance, you can upgrade your 2024 JAMB results and open the door to the university experience you deserve.

Understanding JAMB 2024 Results Upgrades

As a JAMB candidate, understanding how to upgrade your results is crucial to gaining admission. Upgrading simply means improving your scores to meet the cut-off mark for your school of choice.

Checking Your Results

First, you’ll need to check your results on JAMB’s website using your registration number. Review where you scored low marks and determine which subjects you need to improve. For most schools, you’ll need a minimum of 180 in relevant subjects.

Understanding the Upgrade Process

The upgrade process involves re-marking your exam sheets. This means JAMB will re-assess your answers to ensure they were marked correctly. If errors are found, your scores will be adjusted upwards. To apply, you must purchase an e-PIN, fill out the online upgrade form on JAMB’s website and make payment.


Things to Consider Before Upgrading

Consider if upgrading will significantly improve your scores before paying the required fee N7500 . Upgrades typically increase scores by a few marks, so make sure you’re close to the cut-off mark. Also, keep in mind that upgrades. However, JAMB will refund your money if scores do not increase.

Alternative Options

If upgrading does not work, don’t lose hope! You still have a chance to gain admission through other options like re-writing JAMB, applying to schools with lower cut-off marks, or exploring private institutions. With hard work and persistence, you can achieve your goal of getting into a higher institution.

Staying determined and exploring all options available to you can help turn a disappointing JAMB result into an opportunity. Keep your head high – with the right strategy, you can upgrade your scores or find another path to admission.

Who Is Eligible for a JAMB Result Upgrade in 2024?

As the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) prepares to release the 2024 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) results, many candidates will find that their scores are not high enough to gain admission into their schools of choice. However, certain students may be eligible for a JAMB result upgrade to improve their scores and chances of admission this year.

Who Qualifies for a Result Upgrade?

To qualify for a JAMB result upgrade in 2024, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. You must have taken the 2024 UTME. Only scores from the current year’s exam are eligible for an upgrade.
  2. Your score must be close to the cut-off mark for your desired course and institution. Upgrades are meant to give borderline candidates an extra boost, so your original score must be within a reasonable range of the cut-off.
  3. You cannot have disciplinary cases. Candidates with proven records of examination malpractice or misconduct will not be considered for a result upgrade.
  4. You must apply for a review before the deadline. The window for requesting a review and upgrade typically opens as soon as results are released and closes within a week or two. Late applications will not be accepted.
  5. You will likely need to pay an administrative fee. While JAMB aims to make the UTME affordable and accessible, additional services like result upgrades and reviews may require payment of a small fee of N7500 to process the request.

If you meet all of the above criteria, you stand a good chance of having your 2024 UTME score upgraded by JAMB and gaining admission into your desired institution. Put together a strong application, have the required fee ready, and all the best!

How to Apply for a 2024 JAMB Results Upgrade

To apply for a 2024 JAMB results upgrade, I would recommend following these steps:

Check Your JAMB Profile

Log in to your JAMB profile to view your exam scores and ensure there were no issues with your registration or exam details. Verify that your personal information, subject combination, and school choices are all correct. Double check that your scores meet the cut-off marks for your school and program choices. If there are any errors, contact JAMB immediately to get them resolved before applying for an upgrade.

Review the Upgrade Options

JAMB offers two types of score upgrades – re-marking and re-checking. Re-marking involves re-assessing your actual exam booklet and can potentially improve your score. Re-checking involves verifying that your exam was scored correctly by confirming your scores against the exam attendance register and optical mark reader (OMR) sheet. I would recommend applying for a re-mark except in cases where you have reason to believe your OMR sheet or attendance records were incorrectly captured.

Submit an Upgrade Request

To request an upgrade, you will need to purchase an upgrade PIN on the for a fee of ₦7500 for re-marking or ₦5,500 for re-checking. Once you have the PIN, log in to your JAMB profile again and select the ‘Request for Result Upgrade’ option. Enter your PIN to validate the payment and select either re-marking or re-checking. Review and confirm your application details before submitting.

Check the Outcome

It can take up to 6 days for JAMB to complete the upgrade process. Log in to your profile regularly to check for updates. Once complete, your upgraded scores will be published on your profile. If your scores have improved enough to now meet admission requirements, contact your preferred schools immediately to request another review of your application.

By diligently following these steps, you will maximize your chances of gaining admission through the JAMB results upgrade process. Best of luck!

What to Expect After Applying for an Upgrade

After applying to upgrade your JAMB results, you can expect the following process to unfold:

Verification of Application

The JAMB office will first verify that your application is complete and valid. They will check that you have included all required documentation, test scores meet the minimum requirements, and fees have been paid. Any issues with your application materials or eligibility will be communicated to you at this point.

Review of Application

If your application is verified, it will move on to a review by the JAMB admissions committee. They will thoroughly evaluate your entire application, including your personal statement, test scores, transcripts, and letters of recommendation. The committee is looking for students who will thrive in the program and contribute to the campus community.

Decision Notification

Typically within 4 to 6 days of applying, you will receive notification of the committee’s decision by email and mail. If your application for an upgrade is successful, the notification will provide details on next steps to claim your spot in the incoming class, such as submitting an enrollment deposit. If denied, the notification will explain the reasons for the decision and options to appeal, if any exist.

Next Steps

If accepted, there are a few more steps required to finalize your admission. You will need to claim your spot in the incoming class by paying the necessary deposits on schedule and completing any necessary paperwork. Orientation sessions will be offered to help you transition to being a student. At the close of the admission cycle, final transcripts and test scores must be submitted to confirm all eligibility criteria has been met before matriculation.

The process of upgrading your JAMB results and gaining admission can be lengthy, but staying on top of deadlines and promptly responding to all communication will help ensure things proceed as smoothly as possible. With patience and persistence, you will achieve your goal of becoming a student.

Tips for Improving Your Chances of a Successful JAMB 2024 Results Upgrade

Upgrading your JAMB results and gaining admission to a university in Nigeria can be challenging, but with preparation and persistence, it is possible. Here are some tips to improve your chances of successfully upgrading your JAMB 2024 results:

Meet the minimum requirements

First, ensure you meet the minimum eligibility criteria for the course and university you wish to apply to. This typically includes a minimum UTME score, relevant subjects, and other criteria. If you do not meet these, focus on retaking your UTME to improve your score.

Apply to less competitive courses

Some courses and universities receive many more applications than available spaces. Apply to courses and schools that are within your score range and less competitive to increase your chances of an offer of admission. You can then transfer to a more competitive program after your first year if desired.

Take advantage of the JAMB Score Choice

Score Choice allows you to choose which UTME scores you want to send to universities. Only send your highest scores to maximize your chances. Some universities may consider multiple scores, so check with the schools you are interested in.

Apply to more than one university

Applying to multiple universities, ideally at varying levels of competitiveness, increases your odds of gaining admission. Do not put all your hopes into one university in case you are not accepted. With more options, you have a better chance of upgrading your JAMB results.

Prepare well for post-UTME exams

If required, perform well on any post-UTME screening exams or interviews set by the universities you apply to. Good performance in these can help compensate for UTME scores on the lower end of the eligibility range and boost your chances of admission. Thorough preparation and practice are key.

With determination and a strategic approach, following these tips can help upgrade your JAMB 2024 results and gain admission to a university program this year. Stay focused on your goals, work hard, and do not give up. Success is often closer than it appears.


As you can see, upgrading your JAMB result is possible if you take the right steps. By following the guidelines outlined here and acting ethically and responsibly, you can successfully appeal your score and gain admission to your school of choice. While the process requires patience and perseverance, staying determined and not giving up will serve you well. Focus on moving forward in an honest and principled manner. Do not be tempted to take shortcuts or do anything illegal. Your future is worth fighting for in the right way. If you proceed intelligently and keep your eyes on the bigger picture, you will triumph. Stay strong, remain dedicated, and keep working to upgrade your result. You’ve got this!