Here We will Give You Overview of The Service We provide As well As Stating Clearly All Relevant information About Verified IJMB RUNZ 2022. MEANING OF IJMB: IJMB is an acronym of Interim Joint Matriculation Board, It is an Approved, Proven & Certified Advanced level programme moderated by Ahmadu Bello University and having coordinating body in various tertiary institutions and different study centres nationwide. IJMB programme is an Advance Level Programme organized for candidates aspiring to secure admission into any Nigerian University through Direct Entry (DE). The programme last for nine (9) months divided into two semesters  NOTE:

  • Ijmb Program Last for 9 (nine) month, the semester are divided into two.
  • Ijmb is a program Approved by the Federal Government And Moderated By Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.
  • Ijmb is an advanced level programme for Direct-entry (DE) admission into universities in Nigeria And well Certified By Nigeria University Commission (NUC).

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HOW TO MAKE THE PAYMENT WE ACCEPT BANK TRANSFER OR MTN CARD PAYMENT PAYMENT THROUGH BANK: Chat Us On WhatsApp for our Account Num:07047387738  Text “I need Bank details” PAYMENT THROUGH MTN RECHARGE CARD: SEND THE FOLLOWING TO US ON WHATSAPP:07047387738 Only (i)MTN-CARD (ii)AMOUNT PAID (iii)EXAM NAME (e.g IJMB) (iv)PHONE NUMBER (v)SUBJECTS SEND THE FOLLOWING TO US ON WHATSAPP:07047387738 Only Within few minutes, you will receive a reply confirming your payment. You are settled and your admission is imminent. For enquiries, contact us through What’sApp:07047387738  BELOW ARE TESTIMONIES/ RESULTS OF OUR PREVIOUS IJMB SUBSCRIBERS Logo-Licious-20210521-152136 Logo-Licious-20210701-225815 Logo-Licious-20210701-225308 Screenshot-20200208-124245-2-copy1 Expocoded.com Screenshot-20200208-124140-2 Screenshot-20200208-124411-2 best Ijmb Expo site examafrica.com FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. Alot of people ask us this questions which we have answered..see below Question 1: What Kind Of help Do We Offer in IJMB exam? Answer: A lot of people call it Ijmb Expo 2022 or Ijmb runs 2022, but we call it IJMB Programme Assistance. We assist you by sending correct and verified IJMB questions and answers to you via any convenient medium chosen by you. This will hit you nothing less than 14 points. Question 2: Is IJMB runs real ? Answer: Yes, IJMB runs is 100% real and legit if you subscribe with us Examafrica.com , we are commited to serve you to our best and also give you best of result. Question 3: Can i subscribe for IJMB exam expo runs ? Answer: Yes, you can subscribe for your IJMB answer with us Expocoded.com and be rest assured to get verified midnight expo supply Question 4: How many hours to the exam do i get my IJMB expo? Answer: our answers are sent out to our candidates that subscribe midnight before the exam Question 5: How do you know i have paid? Answer: Yes, the bank will send us an sms & email alert that someone with name like this paid and their teller number. Question 6: If i pay this amount now will it be too early? Answer: No! but its a good one on your side because in few negotiation with our source, our payment would be high so late payments must attract additional fee, and it now open Question 7: If i pay this amount will i pay any additional fee? Answer: No! But if it warrants so late payees would bear the cause Question 8: How am i sure this is not a scam? Answer: No! And never! The outgoing ijmb candidates felt our endless answers hours before exam.

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