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Jamb 2023 Biology Areas of Concentration

Jamb 2023 Biology Areas of Concentration

Jamb 2023 Biology Areas of Concentration

Jamb 2023 Biology Areas of Concentration

Below are some practice questions for biology that you are likely to come across this Jamb 2023 exam, go through them, study, and get ready for your Jamb 2023 CBT examination.

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Biology Jamb Text 2023

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  1. Forms and Functions: Growth
  2. Forms and Functions: Internal Structure of a Flowering Plant
  3. Functional and Behavioural Adaptation
  4. Ecology: Nutrient Cycling in Nature
  5. Evolution: Theories of Evolution
  6. Heredity and Variation: Variation in Population
  7. Ecology Humans and Environment
  8. Evolution: Evidence of Evolution
  9. Forms and Functions: Excretion
  10. Forms and Functions Nutrition
  11. Ecology Natural Habitats
  12. Ecology: Soil
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  14. Ecology Factors Affecting the Distribution of Organisms
  15. Variety of Organisms Evolution
  16. Ecology: Symbiotic Interaction of Plants and
  17. Nutrition
  18. Ecology Natural Habitats
  19. Ecology Soil
  20. Ecology: Factors Affecting the Distribution of Organisms
  21. Variety of Organisms: Evolution
  22. Ecology: Symbiotic Interaction of Plants and Animals
  23. Forms and Functions: Support and Movement
  24. Functional and Behavioural Adaptation
  25. Forms and Functions: Co-Ordination and Control
  26. Ecology: the Ecology of Population
  27. Variety of Organisms Structural
  28. Variety of Organisms: Living Organisms
  29. Forms and Functions: Transport
  30. Heredity and Variations Heredity
  31. Forms and Functions: Reproduction
  32. Forms and Functions: Nutrition

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