Jamb Economics Questions and answers 2024

Jamb Economics Questions and answers 2024

Jamb Economics likely Questions and answers 2024

As students prepare for the 2024 Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board Examination, it is important to develop a strong grasp of the Economics curriculum and understand the types of questions that are likely to appear on the exam. We have compiled a list of possible Economics questions and answers that could be on the 2024 JAMB based on an analysis of past papers and the current syllabus and curriculum.

Jamb Economics Questions and answers 2024

The questions cover a range of topics from demand and supply to fiscal and monetary policies. In this article, we provide examples of short and long essay questions as well as objective questions in multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank formats. By reviewing these JAMB Economics likely questions and answers, students will gain more confidence in their understanding of key Economics concepts and strengthen their preparation for the exam

Introduction to JAMB Economics and 2024 Exam Format

We would like to provide an overview of the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Economics exam and the format for the 2024 administration.

JAMB is the governing body that administers entrance examinations for admission into Nigerian tertiary institutions. The Economics exam is one of the subject tests required for admission. It aims to assess candidates’ knowledge and understanding of basic economic concepts, theories, and principles.

2024 Exam Format

The 2024 JAMB Economics exam will follow the same format as previous years:

  1. It will consist of 100 multiple-choice questions to be answered in 2 hours. Each question carries 1 mark.
  2. Questions will cover all major areas of Economics: definitions of economics, factors of production, demand, supply, utility, production possibility curve, opportunity cost, specialization and division of labor.
  3. Candidates are advised to study these topics in detail to prepare for a wide range of questions.

To perform well, candidates must have a solid grasp of economic concepts and strong analytical thinking skills. Practice plenty of multiple-choice questions to get familiar with the format. Develop a strategic approach for tackling the questions within the time limit.

With adequate preparation and the right techniques, candidates will be able to demonstrate their knowledge effectively in the exam. JAMB aims for the Economics exam, along with other subject tests, to produce candidates who will thrive in their tertiary education. We wish all candidates the very best in their 2024 JAMB exams.

Review of Important JAMB Economics Topics and Concepts

To be fully prepared for the JAMB Economics exam, candidates should review some of the most important topics and concepts.

Fundamental Economic Problem

One of the most fundamental ideas in economics is that resources are scarce while human wants are unlimited. This results in the economic problem of how to allocate resources to meet society’s needs and wants as efficiently and equitably as possible. The factors of production – land, labor, capital and entrepreneurship – are scarce and have alternative uses, so choices must be made regarding what and how much to produce.

Demand and Supply

The laws of demand and supply are essential concepts to understand. Demand refers to the desire and willingness of consumers to purchase a good or service. The law of demand states that demand decreases as prices increase, all else being equal. Supply refers to the desire and ability of producers to provide goods and services to the market. The law of supply says that supply increases as prices increase, all else being equal. The interaction of demand and supply determines equilibrium price and quantity.

Production Possibility Curve

The production possibility curve (PPC) shows the maximum combination of two goods or services that can be produced with available resources and technology. It shows the opportunity cost of increasing the production of one good in terms of the other. The PPC is usually concave to the origin because of the increasing opportunity cost. Candidates should be able to analyze movements along the PPC and shifts of the PPC.

Types of Markets###

The four basic market structures are perfect competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly and monopoly. Candidates should understand the characteristics of each market structure, including the number of firms, barriers to entry, control over price, availability of substitute goods, and non-price competition.

2024 JAMB Economics Likely Questions and Model Answers

As 2024 approaches, it is important for JAMB candidates to prepare adequately for the Economics exam. To provide guidance, we have compiled some likely questions and model answers for the 2024 JAMB Economics exam:

1. Explain the factors that determine demand

Some determinants of demand are:

  • Price of the commodity: The higher the price, the lower the demand and vice versa.
  • Income of the consumers: As income rises, demand for goods and services also increases and vice versa.
  • Prices of related goods: The higher the price of a substitute, the higher the demand for the commodity. The higher the price of a complement, the lower the demand for the commodity.
  • Tastes and preferences of consumers: Changes in tastes, fashion, and preferences of consumers cause shifts in demand.

2. Explain the factors that determine supply

The major factors that determine supply are:

  • Price of the commodity: The higher the price, the higher the supply and vice versa.
  • Prices of factors of production: The higher the cost of production, the lower the supply and vice versa.
  • Technology: Improvement in technology leads to increased productivity and lower cost of production, thereby increasing supply.
  • Taxes and subsidies: Taxes increase cost of production and reduce supply while subsidies reduce cost of production and increase supply.
  • Number of producers: The higher the number of producers, the higher the supply of a commodity due to increased competition.

To summarize, understanding the determinants of demand and supply is fundamental to grasping the concept of how market equilibrium is established. Candidates should study these concepts in depth to fully prepare for the 2024 JAMB Economics exam.

Tips and Strategies for Answering JAMB Economics Questions

As you prepare for the JAMB Economics exam, keep these strategies in mind to help you succeed:

Read Each Question Carefully

Pay close attention to the specific details and instructions in each question. Determine exactly what is being asked before attempting to answer. Read through all the options as well, to understand the range of possible answers.

Eliminate Wrong Answers

Go through each option and eliminate those that are clearly incorrect. This will make it easier to choose between the remaining options. Look for options that are too extreme or absolute. The correct answer is often qualified or limited in scope.

### Guess Wisely

If you are unsure of the answer, try to make an educated guess. Use the process of elimination to narrow down the options. Look for options that contain familiar terms or phrases from your Economics coursework. The option that seems most logically or factually correct may be the right choice.

Manage Your Time

Do not spend too much time on any single question. Move on if you are stuck and come back to it later if you have time. Focus on answering the questions you know first before struggling with more difficult ones. Monitoring the time you have left can help ensure you are able to attempt all questions.

Review Your Answers

If time permits, review your answers before submitting the exam. Double check that you have not made any careless mistakes. Look for any questions you flagged as unsure and see if another option now seems better. Even re-reading the questions and your selected answers can help jog your memory or point out something you missed.

With diligent preparation and by employing these useful strategies, you will maximize your chances of success on the JAMB Economics exam. Stay focused, believe in yourself, and do your best. You’ve got this!

Read Recommended Links

Additional Resources for JAMB Economics Exam Preparation

To adequately prepare for the JAMB Economics exam, students should make use of all available resources. In addition to studying the recommended textbooks, we recommend the following supplementary materials:

Online Resources

The internet offers a wealth of free resources for JAMB Economics exam preparation. Some useful websites include:

  • JAMB’s official website: Contains past questions, mock exams, and subject guidelines. Students should familiarize themselves with the structure and format of the exam.
  • Khan Academy: Offers video tutorials and interactive exercises on key economics concepts and topics like supply and demand, inflation, fiscal policy, etc.
  • Coursera: Provides free online courses in Principles of Economics, Microeconomics, and Macroeconomics from top universities. These interactive courses reinforce understanding of fundamental concepts.
  • Economics Online: Comprehensive economics resource with definitions, explanations, and real-world examples of concepts and theories. Also includes revision notes and quizzes.
  • YouTube: Many channels feature video tutorials on JAMB Economics syllabus topics. Look for channels focused on WASSCE, SSCE, or other West African secondary school exams.

Past Questions

Practicing with past JAMB Economics questions is one of the best ways to prepare for the exam. Students can find past questions, answers and marking schemes to understand the structure, patterns and marking techniques. Analyze areas of repeated questions to better focus your revision.

Mock Exams

Mock exams simulate the actual JAMB experience in terms of length, question types, choice options and level of difficulty. Set a timer to complete the mock exams under the same time constraints as the official exam. Mocks build speed, endurance and confidence. Review answers thoroughly, especially for any incorrect responses.

Utilizing all available test prep resources will give students their best chance at success on this important exam. With diligent study and practice of these additional materials, students can walk into the JAMB Economics exam fully prepared to achieve their best score.



In conclusion, we have provided an extensive list of likely economics questions and answers that may appear in the 2024 JAMB examination. These questions cover a wide range of topics from demand and supply, production, costs, market structures, national income, money and banking, international trade, economic development, and economic systems. Studying and practicing these questions will greatly increase your knowledge and understanding of core economics concepts and prepare you for the JAMB exam. We wish all candidates the very best in their studies and preparations. May these resources serve you well.

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