Jamb English Language likely Questions and answers 2024/2025

Jamb English Language likely Questions and answers 2024/2025

As a veteran Jamb English Language instructor with over 15 years of experience preparing students for the exam, I have compiled a list of likely questions and model answers to help you adequately prepare for the 2024/2025 Jamb English Language exam.

Jamb English Language likely Questions and answers 2024/2025

These questions and answers represent the style, tone, and content that have appeared on previous Jamb English Language exams. By studying and practicing with these questions, you will gain valuable exposure to the format and experience of the actual exam. With diligent preparation and mastery of these questions, you will build the confidence and skills needed to achieve your best score on the Jamb English Language exam. The key is to not just memorize the answers but to understand the reasoning and strategies behind them.

I wish you the very best of success in your Jamb English Language exam preparation and in achieving your goals. Let’s get started!

Overview of Jamb English Language Exam Format and Question Types

As an English Language candidate, it is important to understand the exam format and question types to prepare adequately. The exam consists of three sections:

The likely questions and answers for JAMB English Language 2024/2025 can be broadly categorized into the following:

  • Comprehension passages: These passages will test your understanding of different types of writing, such as narration, description, exposition, and argumentation. You will be asked questions about the main idea of the passage, the author’s purpose, the supporting details, and the tone and mood of the passage.
  • Lexis and structure: These questions will test your knowledge of vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure. You will be asked to identify the meaning of words, choose the correct word or phrase in a sentence, and correct errors in grammar and usage.
  • Oral forms: These questions will test your understanding of the sounds and patterns of English. You will be asked to identify vowels and consonants, rhymes, and intonation.

Here are some examples of likely questions for each category:

  • Comprehension passage:

The following passage is from an essay about the importance of education.

Education is the key to success in life. It opens up doors to better opportunities and a brighter future. A well-educated person is more likely to get a good job, earn a high income, and live a fulfilling life. Education also helps people to become better citizens. It teaches them about their rights and responsibilities, and how to participate in the democratic process.

What is the main idea of the passage? What is the author’s purpose in writing the passage? What are the supporting details for the main idea? What is the tone of the passage?

  • Lexis and structure:
Choose the correct word or phrase to complete the sentence.

The little boy was very ______ (excited/anxious) about his first day of school.

Identify the error in the following sentence and correct it.

The little girl was very happy because she was going to the park with her friends.
  • Oral forms:
Identify the vowel sound in the word "book".

Rhyme the following words: cat, hat, mat

What is the difference between the following pairs of words?

* affect vs. effect
* principal vs. principle

These are just a few examples of likely questions for JAMB English Language 2024/2025. The actual questions may vary, but they will be based on the same topics and concepts.

To prepare for the exam, it is important to study the JAMB syllabus and practice answering questions from past exams. You can also find helpful resources online and in libraries. With hard work and preparation, you can ace the JAMB English Language exam and increase your chances of getting into the university of your choice.

Section 1: Lexis and Structure (50 marks)

This section tests your knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. Questions include multiple-choice lexis and structure questions. Prepare by studying common prefixes, suffixes, idioms, and grammatical rules.

Section 2: Comprehension (40 marks)

This section evaluates your ability to understand written information. It contains two or three comprehension passages with five questions for each passage. Question types are multiple choice or short answer. Practice by reading extensively and answering questions about various texts.

Section 3: Test of Orals (10 marks)

This section examines your speaking ability. It contains two questions which require short oral responses. Practice by recording and listening to yourself describe images, give short speeches on various topics, and engage in casual conversations.

With adequate preparation and familiarity of the exam format and question types, a candidate stands a good chance of success. Some key tips:

  1. Focus on strengthening your vocabulary and grammar.
  2. Read voraciously to improve comprehension.
  3. Practice short oral responses to gain confidence speaking spontaneously.
  4. Solve past questions to get comfortable with the format.
  5. Develop good time management to complete all sections.

By following these tips and adequately preparing for each section of the exam, a candidate can feel assured walking into the exam hall, ready to excel. Best of luck!

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2024/2025 Jamb English Language Likely Comprehension Passage Questions and Sample Answers

As an examination candidate preparing for the 2024/2025 JAMB English Language paper, there are certain comprehension passages and question types I expect to encounter based on previous years. In this section, I will outline some likely comprehension passages and sample answers to help you in your preparation.

Types of Comprehension Passages

The passages usually cover a range of topics, including:

  • Descriptive passages on places, events or processes.
  • Narrative passages telling a story, relaying an experience or depicting events.
  • Expository passages giving factual information or opinions on a topic.

The passages may include dialog and sensory imagery to bring the topic to life. Candidates can expect passages of between 200 to 500 words in length.

Types of Questions

The questions test a candidate’s ability to understand the overall meaning of a passage as well as specific details. Common question types include:

  1. Main Idea: Questions asking you to identify the primary topic or purpose of the passage. For example, “What is the main point the author is making in the passage?”
  2. Literal Comprehension: Questions testing if you understood the meaning of statements or events in the passage. For example, “According to the passage, where did the conversation between the two friends take place?”
  3. Inferential Comprehension: Questions requiring you to deduce information or draw conclusions based on details in the passage. For example, “From the passage, it can be inferred that the discovery was made by accident. True or False?”

By familiarizing yourself with these common elements, you will feel more at ease when confronted with comprehension passages and questions in the actual JAMB English Language examination. With regular practice of similar material, you will build up your reading skills and speed to optimally tackle anything in the paper.

2024/2025 Jamb English Language Likely Essay Questions and Outlines

As a Jamb candidate, it is important to prepare adequately for the English Language examination. Part of this preparation involves studying the likely essay questions and developing good essay outlines to answer them.

Below are some possible essay questions for the 2024/2025 Jamb English Language examination and suggested outlines:

1.Write an essay discussing the importance of girl-child education.

  • Introduction: Thesis statement on the importance of educating the girl child.
  • Body:
    Education enhances the life opportunities and empowerment of the girl child.
    Educated women tend to promote the education of their children.
    Girl-child education leads to economic growth and development.
  • Conclusion: Restate the importance of girl-child education and call the government and stakeholders to action.

2. Discuss the negative impact of social media addiction on teenagers.

  • Introduction: Thesis statement on the negative effects of excessive social media use on teenagers.
  • Body:
    Social media addiction leads to increased rates of anxiety, depression, and loneliness in teenagers.
    Excessive social media use promotes unhealthy sleep habits and insomnia in teenagers.
    Social media addiction negatively impacts academic performance and concentration in teenagers.
  • Conclusion: Call on parents, schools, and teenagers to encourage responsible social media use.

3. Write an essay discussing the importance of skills acquisition for career success.

  • Introduction: Thesis statement on the role of skills in achieving career success.
  • Body:
    Technical and vocational skills make an individual employable and productive.
    Soft skills like communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving enhance work performance and career growth.
    Constant skills upgrading allows an individual to remain relevant in a continuously changing work environment.
  • Conclusion: Reinforce the importance of acquiring relevant skills and continuous self-development for career success.

Jamb Candidates should also focus on continuous self-development and practice to strengthen their writing skills in preparation for the examination.


Tips for Answering Jamb English Language Questions Effectively

As an English student preparing for the JAMB exam, there are several tips I would recommend to effectively answer the English Language questions:

Read and understand the questions thoroughly before answering

Carefully read through each question and all the options to understand what is being asked. Look for key terms and clues that point to the correct answer. Misreading a question can lead you to choose the wrong option. Take your time – the extra few seconds spent understanding the question can make a difference in selecting the right choice.

Focus on grammar, vocabulary and comprehension

The JAMB English Language exam primarily tests your knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension and analytical skills. Review grammar rules, build your vocabulary, read extensively and practice comprehension exercises. These will strengthen the foundational English skills assessed on the exam.

Eliminate incorrect options

If unsure of the right choice, first eliminate options that are clearly incorrect. This increases your chances of guessing the right answer. Look for options that are factually wrong or do not answer the question.

Make an educated guess

If still unable to determine the correct choice after eliminating some options, make an educated guess. Look for clues in the options that relate to the topic or align with the question’s key terms. Your first instinct may very well be the right choice. Have confidence in yourself – you have prepared and are ready for this exam!

Review and learn from your mistakes

After completing the practice exercises, review the answers and explanations to reinforce your learning. Pay particular attention to questions you answered incorrectly. Try to understand why the right choice is right and learn from your mistakes. With diligent practice and review, you will gain the skills and confidence to excel on the JAMB English Language exam.

Following these tips and with dedicated preparation, you will be well on your way to effectively answering the JAMB English Language questions. Stay focused, believe in yourself and keep practicing. You’ve got this!

Practice Resources for Jamb English Language Exam Preparation

As a JAMB candidate preparing for the English Language exam, it is important to utilize all available resources to adequately prepare. Below are some of the key resources I have found most useful in my own preparation:

Practice Past Questions

Past questions from previous JAMB English Language exams provide an excellent resource for practice. I have compiled past questions from the last 10-15 years and worked through them to familiarize myself with the format, topics, and level of difficulty. Reviewing these questions helps me identify areas I need to focus on and provides examples of how to approach each question type.

Read Extensively

Reading extensively helps expand vocabulary, exposes me to proper grammar and syntax, and improves reading comprehension – all of which are tested on the JAMB English Language exam. I aim to read one or two novels, a few short stories, newspapers, magazines, and other materials each month. Reading more has significantly improved my performance on reading passages and lexis sections.

Study Relevant Course Materials

Studying my English Language course materials, workbooks, and textbooks helps ensure I have a strong grasp of the foundational knowledge that will be assessed on the exam. I focus on topics like parts of speech, figures of speech, concord, collocation, idioms, and more. These course materials provide explanations and examples that complement the practice I get from past questions and reading.

Practice with Timed Mock Exams

Taking timed mock exams under actual exam conditions is key to my preparation. These mock exams help build my endurance for the nearly 2-hour exam, familiarize me with managing my time, and allow me to implement everything I have learned from the other resources. I aim to take a timed mock exam at least once a week in the months leading up to the JAMB exam.

With diligent preparation utilizing these key resources – past questions, extensive reading, course materials, and timed mock exams – I am confident in my ability to perform well on the JAMB English Language exam. Consistently practicing and exposing myself to the format and content of the exam has been invaluable to my preparation.


As demonstrated through these questions and answers, preparation and practice are key to success on the Jamb English Language exam. By studying the types of questions asked, learning effective strategies for approaching each section, and doing many practice questions and mock exams, you will build the knowledge and skills needed to achieve your best score. With hard work and persistence, you have an excellent chance of meeting and exceeding your goals on this important exam. Stay focused on your preparation, believe in yourself and your abilities, and go into the exam with confidence, knowing you have done everything possible to prepare for this opportunity to advance your education. You’ve got this! Now get to work and good luck!