Reviews: Is Legit or Just Another Supplement Scam? Reviews: Is Legit or Just Another Supplement Scam?

As someone who has spent years following the supplement industry, I have seen more than my fair share of scammy companies peddling overpriced pills and powders with dubious efficacy. The industry is rife with misleading marketing practices, unsubstantiated claims, and products that simply don’t live up to their hype. When I came across an ad for and their lineup of purported testosterone boosters and pre-workout formulas, my skeptical senses immediately tingled. The slick website and aggressive marketing campaign seemed to check all the boxes for a shady supplement company looking to make a quick buck from unsuspecting customers. However, I also know that looks can be deceiving. I decided to dig deeper into to determine whether this new player on the block is legit or just another scam looking to prey on people desperate for an edge. After extensive research, here is what I found. Reviews

What Is is an online supplement retailer that sells various health and wellness products. According to their website, aims to provide high-quality nutritional supplements and vitamins at affordable prices. They claim to source ingredients from reputable suppliers and promise fast shipping and great customer service.’s product range includes protein powders, pre-workout formulas, muscle gainers, fat burners, and testosterone boosters. Their most popular products seem to be muscle-building supplements like Anadroxin and D-Bal. The company also sells basic multivitamins, fish oil, turmeric, and other herbal extracts.

  • Products appear to be manufactured in FDA-approved facilities, but there is little information on the website about testing for purity or potency.
  • Prices seem reasonable compared to similar retailers, but without third-party evaluations, the actual quality and value are difficult to determine.

Overall, presents itself as a trustworthy source for nutritional supplements at a good price. However, as an unregulated industry, customers should exercise caution. Reputable companies will usually provide verifiable details about the science, safety, and efficacy of their products. I would advise researching further and comparing them to established supplement brands before purchasing. While the deals may seem attractive, your health and finances are at stake, so it pays to make an informed decision.

In summary, appears to be a supplement company aiming to gain customers through low prices and big promises. But without transparency or accountability, using their products could be a risky gamble. As with any supplement, do your own research to determine if their pills and powders are worth it or if your money might be better spent elsewhere. Product Claims: Too Good to Be True?

As a health and wellness writer, I try to take a skeptical yet open-minded approach when reviewing supplement companies and their product claims. certainly makes some impressive assertions about their flagship nootropic formula, but are these claims too good to be true?

Questionable Ingredient Quantities and Combinations does not disclose the exact amounts of ingredients in their proprietary blend, making it difficult to determine if the quantities are adequate and the combinations are safe or effective. Their formula combines stimulants like caffeine with unproven herbal extracts such as Bacopa monnieri and Alpha GPC. While these compounds show some promise for cognitive enhancement in preliminary research, their long term effects and interactions are not well understood, especially in the amounts and combinations found in Maxitrone’s formula.

Affiliate Marketing Masquerading as Reviews

My research into revealed that much of the online buzz around their product comes from affiliate marketers posing as unbiased reviewers. These affiliates stand to earn a commission for every sale generated through their promotional efforts. As such, their reviews and recommendations cannot be considered objective or trustworthy. Legitimate media outlets and reputable review organizations have not substantively evaluated or their product claims.

Free Trial Offers and Recurring Billing frequently promotes “free” samples of their product through trial offers that enroll customers in expensive recurring billing programs. The terms and conditions of these offers are not clearly disclosed upfront, often resulting in surprise fees. This unscrupulous business practice is unfortunately common in the supplement industry but should be avoided.

In summary, exhibits several concerning characteristics that call into question the legitimacy and trustworthiness of their operation. My recommendation would be to look elsewhere for a reputable nootropic supplement supported by transparent business practices and substantiated product claims. Reviews: What Customers Are Saying

Based on reviews from verified customers, receives mixed feedback. Some report satisfactory experiences with their orders and products, while others complain about issues with shipping, customer service, and product effectiveness.

Positive Reviews

A number of customers praise for their low prices and fast, free shipping. As one reviewer states, “I was able to get a good deal on a few of their testosterone boosters and fat burners. Shipping was fast and free, so no complaints there.” Others note improvements in muscle gain and energy levels after using their supplements for several weeks.

Negative Reviews

However, other reviews mention problems with delayed shipping, unresponsive customer service, and lack of results from their supplements. As one reviewer complains, “I never received my order and couldn’t get a response from their customer service. After a month of waiting, I finally had to dispute the charges with my credit card company.”

Several reviewers also note that the supplements did not seem to provide any benefits, even after following the directions carefully. “I used multiple bottles of their testosterone booster and didn’t notice any changes in muscle mass or strength. Total waste of money in my opinion,” says one reviewer.


While some customers do report positive experiences with, the number of complaints regarding shipping issues, lack of customer support, and ineffective or misleading products is concerning. As with any supplement company, be sure to do thorough research on the ingredients and potential side effects before purchasing. And keep in mind that supplements are not regulated by the FDA, so quality and effectiveness can vary between brands. Overall, there seem to be too many risks to fully trust, based on the ratio of negative to positive reviews. You may have better luck with a reputable supplement brand that has been verified by independent testing.

Is Legit or a Scam? Red Flags to Watch Out For

As an avid supplement consumer, I am always skeptical of flashy marketing claims and “miracle pills.” When I first came across, their promises of boosted testosterone, increased muscle gain, improved performance, and an “alpha male” attitude seemed too good to be true. After analyzing the details of their offer and claims, here are some potential red flags I found that suggest may not be completely legit.

Lack of Transparency does not disclose the exact ingredients or dosages in their proprietary blend. Without knowing what’s in the product, consumers cannot properly evaluate the safety or effectiveness. Reputable supplement companies are transparent about ingredients and amounts.

Aggressive Marketing

The marketing for relies heavily on extremes like “maximum strength,” “hardcore formula,” and promises of instant, dramatic changes. Legitimate supplements generally employ more balanced marketing that accurately represents modest benefits that may take weeks or months of regular use.

“Free Trial” Scam offers a free 14-day trial of their product for only the cost of shipping. However, by providing payment information, consumers are actually signing up for an automatic subscription with a non-refundable $89.97 charge after 14 days. These types of misleading “free trials” are a common scam in the supplement industry.

No Customer Reviews

At the time of this writing, I could not find any independent customer reviews of Without reviews, there is no way to verify if the product works as advertised or if customers have faced issues like side effects, lack of results or difficulty canceling the subscription. For any supplement, finding and assessing multiple real customer reviews is essential before purchasing.

In summary, the lack of transparency, aggressive marketing tactics, misleading “free trial” offer and lack of customer reviews make seem questionable at best and potentially illegitimate or scam at worst. As with any supplement, do thorough research and consult a medical professional before purchasing to determine if it’s right and safe for you. My recommendation would be to avoid altogether due to these significant red flags.

The Verdict: Should You Trust

After reviewing and the product offerings available on their website, I would not recommend purchasing anything from them at this time. There are too many red flags that point to this company likely being an illegitimate supplement scam.

Lack of Transparency provides very little information about who actually operates and owns this company. There are no names, addresses or contact information listed on the website. Reputable supplement companies are transparent about such details. Without knowing specifically who is behind, there is no way to verify their qualifications or trustworthiness.

“Free Trial” Trickery advertises a free 15-day trial of their testosterone booster, but in reality customers are actually signing up for an auto-shipment program with a non-refundable $89.97 charge for a monthly supply after the trial ends. The terms of this auto-shipment program are buried in the fine print, designed to mislead people into providing their payment information under false pretenses.

No Evidence to Support Claims makes bold claims about their products’ abilities to boost testosterone, build muscle, and enhance performance with no legitimate scientific evidence to support such assertions. Reputable companies rely on concrete research and clinical studies to back up product claims, not exaggerated hype and empty promises.

Better Options Available

There are many highly-rated testosterone boosters and muscle-building supplements available from well-established companies with affordable, transparent pricing and proven results. simply does not compare and is not worth the risk.

In summary, exhibits multiple characteristics of an illegitimate supplement scam operation. I strongly advise avoiding this company and purchasing supplements from reputable providers with a proven track record of quality, honesty and customer satisfaction.


In summary, based on my research and analysis of, I cannot recommend purchasing supplements from this company. The website makes bold claims about their products that are not backed by credible scientific evidence. Customer reviews and ratings are mixed at best, with many complaints about ineffective or potentially unsafe products. For those looking to purchase high-quality, reputable supplements, I would suggest exploring other well-established companies with a proven track record of safety, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction. Your health and money are too valuable to gamble on questionable supplements from an unreliable source. My advice is to pass on