UNIOSUN notice on undergraduate scholarship and grants

UNIOSUN notice on undergraduate scholarship and grants


This is to inform you that at the meeting of Council held on Thursday 23rd June, 2022, the Council deliberated on the proposal for awarding of grants and aids to undergraduate students of the University effective from 2022/2023 Academic Session. The following scholarships had been approved as follows;

  • General Tuition Fee Support
  • Gender-Based Tuition Support
  • Physical Disability Based Tuition Support

However, Council approved that a student can only benefit from maximum of ONLY ONE of the aforementioned options while shadying in the University as undergraduate. Any student who is enjoying the Engineer Tunde PONLE and Indigent Student scholarship cannot be considered for any of the above scholarships.

UNIOSUN notice on undergraduate scholarship and grants

Also, any biological children of staff who are currently enjoying 50% tuition support are not eligible for any of the grants and scholarships Students are to wait further details of these scholarships and grants.

The above is for your information, please.

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