Pastor Duaghter Expelled by Babcock University in Viral Intimate Video Gets a Scholarship to Study Abroad

 Babcock University xVideos

A former Babcock University student whose intimate video with another male student went viral back in November 2019, has been offered a scholarship to study abroad.

The news was shared on twitter by Dr. Ola Brown of Naija Flying Doctors while revealing that she has made scholarship payments for the young lady to study abroad. She also disclosed the student is set to travel in the next few months.

 Babcock University xVideos

The Babcock University ex-student involved in the viral sex tape is said to be the daughter of a Senior Pastor of Calvary Bible Church, and she was a 300 level student of accounting at the time before her expulsion from the university.

She was captured in the viral video when she visited another male student at the hospital, where he was admitted for destructive addictions in April. The pair had sex on the hospital bed and filmed the act.

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