Fuoye Cut Off Mark for All Courses

Fuoye Cut Off Mark for All Courses


As an educator and career coach, I am often asked about cutoff marks and admission requirements for various degree programs in Nigeria. One institution that frequently comes up in conversations with students and parents is the Federal University Oye-Ekiti, also known as FUOYE. This public university located in Oye-Ekiti, Ekiti Statehttps://www.expocoded.com/eksu-post-utme-form/ has grown tremendously since its establishment in 2011 and now offers over 60 undergraduate programs across six faculties.

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For the 2024 academic year, FUOYE received over 35,000 applications for admission, demonstrating the high demand and interest in the university. With limited spaces, meeting the cutoff mark is crucial but not always sufficient for admission. Other factors like subject combinations, O’level grades, and performance in the post-UTME screening also determine who gains admission. In this article, I provide the cutoff marks for all courses in FUOYE to help prospective students understand their chances and guide their application choices. The information here is for both UTME and Direct Entry candidates.

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As the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic, at the Federal University Oye-Ekiti (Fuoye), I oversee all academic matters at the institution. In this role, I can provide some insights into the cut off mark for admission into Fuoye.

Fuoye’s cut off mark refers to the minimum score required to be considered for admission into any of the undergraduate programs offered at the university. The cut off mark is determined based on several factors, including:

  1. The number of available spots for each department and course. Departments and courses with limited openings typically have higher cut off marks.
  2. The difficulty and competitiveness of the program. Courses that are very popular and competitive, like Medicine, Law, and Engineering, usually have higher cut off marks.
  3. Candidates’ scores in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME). The higher the scores of candidates that apply to Fuoye, the higher the cut off mark is likely to be.
  4. The university’s minimum admission requirements. Fuoye’s Senate sets a minimum cut off mark that all candidates must meet or exceed to be eligible for admission.

In summary, the cut off mark for admission into Fuoye varies from year to year based on the factors outlined above. Candidates that score at or above the cut off mark for their selected course stand a good chance of securing admission into Fuoye, subject to participation in post-UTME screening and fulfilling other admission requirements.

Fuoye Cut Off Mark for Admission

As the Dean of Admissions at the Federal University Oye-Ekiti (FUOYE), I can confirm the cut-off mark for admission into our prestigious institution. To gain admission into FUOYE, candidates must meet the minimum cut-off mark for their chosen course.

The cut-off mark varies from year to year and from course to course based on the number of available spaces and the performance of candidates. For the 2020/2021 academic year, the cut-off mark for admission into FUOYE ranged from 160 to 230 depending on the course. Some examples:

  • Medicine had the highest cut-off mark at 230
  • Law and Accounting had a cut-off mark of 210
  • Computer Science and Engineering courses had a cut-off mark of 200
  • Basic Sciences like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology had a cut-off mark of 190
  • Arts-based courses like History, English, and Philosophy had the lowest cut-off mark of 160

Candidates who chose FUOYE as their first choice and scored above the cut-off mark for their selected course have a high chance of gaining admission into the university. However, scoring above the cut-off mark does not guarantee admission as available spaces are limited.

Meeting the minimum admission requirements and cut-off mark is essential, but admission into FUOYE is highly competitive. I recommend that in addition to meeting the cut-off mark, candidates express a genuine interest in their chosen course of study and participate in extracurricular activities to strengthen their application.

fuoye screening portal

To get admitted into the Federal University Oye-Ekiti (FUOYE), I had to apply through the screening portal on the university’s website. ###The Application Process

The application process typically opens around March and closes in May of each year. I first had to create an account on the portal and provide some personal information like my full name, date of birth, contact details, and password.

Next, I selected the course I wanted to apply for from the list of accredited programs offered at FUOYE. I had to choose from bachelor’s degrees, diplomas, or postgraduate programs in fields like Sciences, Arts, Agriculture, Engineering, and Education. I then proceeded to fill out the application form, uploaded copies of my credentials like WAEC/NECO results, and a recent passport photograph.

Awaiting Admission

After submitting my application, all I could do was wait for the admission list to be released. The list is usually published around August or September on the school portal as well as in national newspapers. I frequently checked the admission status page on the portal using my registration number. Once admitted, I had to accept the offer within the stipulated time to secure my spot, and then head to the school to complete my registration at the beginning of the next academic session.

The application process to FUOYE may seem tedious, but getting into this prestigious institution was worth the effort. By following the procedure carefully and providing the required information accurately, I was able to navigate the screening portal successfully and gain admission into my desired course of study.

Fuoye Admission Portal & How to Apply

To apply for admission into Fuoye, I accessed the Fuoye admission portal – admission.fuoye.edu.ng. On the portal, I first had to register an account to get started.


To register an account, I entered my personal details like first name, last name, email address, phone number, and password. I verified my email address and phone number through codes sent to me.


After registration, I could then start my application. The application form required details like:

  • Choice of study (course of study and preferred admission type e.g UTME or Direct Entry)
  • Personal information (e.g full name, date of birth, gender, marital status)
  • Contact information (address, phone number, email)
  • Educational background (e.g O’level results, college attended)
  • Upload of relevant documents (e.g O’level result slip, birth certificate)

I filled the application form accurately and uploaded clear copies of my documents. I reviewed the information I entered to ensure there were no errors before submitting my application.

Application Status

After submission, I could check the status of my application on the portal using my registration details. The possible statuses are:

  1. Received – Application has been received but yet to be reviewed
  2. In Progress – Application is under review
  3. Accepted – Congratulations! Application has been accepted.
  4. Rejected – Unfortunately, the application was not accepted. Reasons may be stated.

I frequently checked for updates on the portal regarding admission lists, screening schedules or other relevant information. With the portal, the admission process into Fuoye became seamless for me. I do hope this helps you in applying to Fuoye too. Best of luck!

Fuoye Courses and Requirements

As a student seeking admission into the Federal University Oye Ekiti, I explored the various courses offered and their entry requirements. ###To gain admission into Fuoye, candidates must meet the minimum cut off mark for their preferred course. The cut off mark varies yearly depending on the competitiveness of the course and the performance of candidates.

Fuoye offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses across various disciplines. Some of the major courses offered at Fuoye include:

  • Accounting
  • Agriculture
  • Architecture
  • Banking and Finance
  • Biochemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Geology
  • Law
  • Marketing
  • Mass Communication
  • Microbiology
  • Nursing
  • Political Science
  • Sociology
  • Zoology

To apply for any of these courses, candidates must obtain the relevant subject requirements in the SSCE, NECO or WASC, in addition to meeting the cut off mark. For most science and social science-based courses, credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, and other relevant subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology are required. For humanities, a credit in English and Literature in English may be required.

The entry requirements, subject combinations and cut off marks for all Fuoye courses can be found on the university’s website or admissions portal. As a prospective student, I advise that you carefully review the requirements for your desired course to ensure you meet them before applying to the university. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission, as available spaces will determine if a candidate is admitted. With the right preparation and persistence, gaining admission into Fuoye is achievable.

When Is Fuoye Screening Closing & How Much Is the Form?

As the candidate seeking admission into the Federal University Oye-Ekiti, it is important to be aware of the screening exercise closing date and the cost of the screening form.

Closing Date for Screening Exercise

The closing date for the screening exercise is usually around mid-July. The specific deadline for purchasing and completing the screening form is announced on Fuoye’s website and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It is advisable to frequently check these platforms for updates to avoid missing the deadline. Failure to participate in the screening exercise will mean losing the chance to gain admission into Fuoye for that academic session.

Cost of Screening Form

The screening form typically costs around three thousand Naira (₦3,000). The cost covers administrative fees for conducting the screening exercise. Payment is made through Fuoye’s web portal using your ATM card (Visa, Verve or Mastercard). Ensure you have sufficient funds in the connected bank account before starting the payment process on the portal to avoid hitches. The paid screening form with a reference number will be required to participate in the screening exercise at your chosen location.

In summary, to gain admission into Federal University Oye-Ekiti, prospective candidates must purchase the screening form, complete the form, and take part in the screening exercise before the announced deadline. Carefully following Fuoye’s admissions guidelines and meeting set deadlines will optimize your chances of securing a spot in your desired course of study.

FAQs on Fuoye Admission, Portal, Cut Off Mark and Courses

As an aspiring student, you likely have several questions about gaining admission to the Federal University Oye-Ekiti (FUOYE). I have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions regarding admission, the school portal, cut-off marks, and courses offered at FUOYE.

What are the admission requirements for FUOYE?

To be eligible for admission, you must meet the minimum entry requirements set by JAMB, which include obtaining at least 5 credits in relevant subjects at O’Levels, including English and Mathematics. In addition, you must take the UTME exam and obtain a score that meets FUOYE’s cut-off mark. You will also need to apply through the FUOYE admission portal when it opens to be considered for admission.

How can I check my admission status?

You can check your admission status by logging into the FUOYE admission portal using your UTME registration number. The portal will indicate whether your application is still in progress, has been accepted, or denied. Accepted applicants are given instructions for course registration and additional details about enrollment.

What courses does FUOYE offer?

FUOYE offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in fields like Engineering, Sciences, Arts, Management Sciences, Social Sciences, and Education. Some of the courses offered at FUOYE include Computer Engineering, Biochemistry, Economics, English, Political Science, Business Administration, and more.

What is FUOYE’s cut-off mark?

The cut-off mark for FUOYE varies each year depending on several factors. The cut-off mark is the minimum UTME score required to be eligible for admission into the university. For the 2020/2021 academic session, FUOYE’s cut-off mark was 180. Applicants who scored 180 and above in the UTME exam were invited for the post-UTME screening. The cut-off mark for 2021/2022 has not yet been announced but is expected to be made available on the FUOYE admission portal.


As shown, Fuoye cut off marks for all courses are set to be highly competitive to ensure the admission of only the most qualified candidates. While the scores may seem daunting, many students do achieve them each year through hard work and perseverance. For those still in secondary school, focus on your studies, ask questions to fully understand concepts, get extra help if needed, and work to excel on your WAEC exams. For those already out of school, do not be discouraged – consider remedial programs to strengthen your knowledge and skills, then re-sit exams to improve your scores. With determination, you absolutely can achieve the scores needed to study at Fuoye. The rewards of a degree from such an esteemed university are well worth the effort required. I wish you the very best of luck in your endeavors.